Cardwell IT Ltd.

A UK-based IT consultancy providing Perl programming, website design & development, and online marketing services.

Based in Sheffield and Nottingham, we have experience telecommuting both nationally and internationally, and are comfortable working remotely as part of an existing team or as sole developers on projects large and small.

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  1. Exim Consultancy at Mtl Solutions

    We were contracted to configure a CPanel controlled Exim installation to add network level security when communicating with multiple pre-defined hosts.

    Mike is highly punctual, an expert in his field and has great communication and time management skills. The project was delivered on time and on budget. The time line was tight and Mike delivered and surpassed expectations.

    Eric Rzepecki, MD
  2. Website Development at team Nomad

    team Nomad assembles teams of talented developers and designers to fit their clients’ unique project requirements. We have worked on multiple projects together, for clients ranging from small businesses to government agencies and Fortune 100 companies.

    Dave is a superb front-end programmer at the very top of his game.

    Duncan Randall, MD
  3. Website Development at The Exim Project

    Exim is one of the most commonly used e-mail servers on the Internet today. We were tasked with modernising the project website. We redesigned the layout, produced new HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XSL stylesheets. We also produced the Perl framework which generates the static documentation HTML from DocBook using XSLT.

  4. Perl Development at Mailvivo

    Mailvivo provides e-mail marketing services to businesses, using a proprietary templating system for delivering dynamic messages. We were contracted to develop a Perl module to parse traditional HTML documents, applying the transformations necessary to integrate with their existing systems.

    Dave worked with great diligence to produce work of the highest quality. He demonstrated problem solving initiative and was always on hand to turn round any requests promptly.

    Mark Gooding, CEO

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